The Edit Interface

Lets take a quick look at what those definitions on the previous page does when we're in edit mode.

Editing an item

  • Now we are accessing the site's edit interface (/edit) and are editing the start page. 
  • Remember we defined a property named Text? Remember that we gave that property an attribute: EditableFreeTextArea? That attribute is interpreted by the N2 engine and a html editor is displayed when we edit the page without the need to write a single form.

Labels on editable stuff

  • That label saying Text is actually the parameter we gave to the attribute on the property.

Attributes on content items

  • While we're still remembering what we discussed in the previous chapter. The TextPage class was also decorated with an attribute: [Definition]. The attribute tells N2 what type of page is called when we are editing. In this GalleryItem we're creating a new item.