Forum v1.0.1 1.0.1

Easily add a forum to your N2CMS based web application!

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Color Picker 1.0

Adds simple color picker support for N2.

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N2 MVC Add-on: Ajax Subscribe Form 1.0

Customized subscribe form, which you can place on any existing page of your website based on N2.

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A collection of miscellaneous utilities for N2 framework and ASP.Net platform in general. To name a few:

- Strongly typed wrappers over DetailCollection, which allow modifying collection through generic .Net interfaces IDictionary and IList. (Note: a patch is included to enable DetailCollection used as IDictionary)

- [EditableUserControlAttribute] allowing usage of a User Control (.ascx) as item property editor

- UserTree Web Control, used for selection of standard ASP.Net membership Users and Roles (include a dedicated demo control for feature exploration)

- minor handy tweaks and fixes for ASP.Net server controls, such as validation-enabled CheckBoxList wrapper

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Custom Layout Chooser 1.0

With this component N2 could offer you an ability to choose different master templates at ContentItems.

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Advanced Pager 1.0

There's no pager control at n2 and it's a big lack (for me) :o)
That'a why i've decided to create one.

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Markdown Editor support 1.0

Adds Markdown support for N2 via the WMD Editor and MarkItUp editor.

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Add-on Catalog 0.9.1

A public listing of add-ons. The add-on allows registered user to upload add-ons.

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Wiki 1.0.1

A simple wiki to use in combination with N2's functional templates.

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Tagging 0.9

Tag/Categorize your pages with an integrated tagging system.

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Tag system with admin backend 1.0

Make any item taggable by either using the EditableTagsAttribute, Taggable (class decoration) attribute or via the web.config

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Create pins on google map for newly added items.

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Adding add-ons

Not so many add-ons at the moment. However as a developer you are welcome to join the fun.