The database

N2's database is composed of four tables:

  • n2item - contains all items (pages, data items and versions of these)
  • n2detail - value bag of for items
  • n2detailCollection - connection to multiple values with the same name
  • n2allowedRole - roles authorized to view a page

Basically it's a table for containing all content items (pages, versions of pages and parts) and a property table for any additional data needed by the CMS implementation. In the domain layer this schema is hidden behind a clr class that expose data as properties.

This schema works well for the web site CMS scenario such as the enterprise web site where clients read most of the time and few updates. The main benefit is less database work and easier deployment of new features (schema changes). 

This database schema can be created through /n2/install of your n2 site. You can also choose to generate and download the sql schema creation script from the same interface.

Go here for help configuring the connection string in web.config.