Solution Overview


This is the core library of the N2 CMS. This alone provides functionality to define, store, navigate, query, filter, serialize and edit  content data. The library also helps with integrity and security issues, provides data binding utilities and web controls. N2.Tests: Unit tests for the N2 library. N2.Extensions contains a few classes to bridge over to the ASP.NET MVC framework.


The edit interface. Through this interface non-technical editors can edit and manage content items. Parts of the edit functionality is organized in optional modules. The N2.Edit project provides interfaces for organizing, navigating, creating, editing, movig, copying, sorting, searching and deleting content. There is also a simple file manager. N2.Edit.Tests: unit tests.


Interface files for the templates implementation with event calendar functionality, frequently asked questions, customized form functionality, an image gallery, news functionality, poll question functionality syndication functionality, content search functionality. N2.Templates.Tests: unit tests.