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Package N2.Addons.Wiki


package  Fragmenters
package  Items
package  Renderers
package  UI
package  Web


class  Fragment
 A recognized chunk of content that needs to be processed by the renderer. More...
interface  IArticle
interface  IFragmenter
 Classes implementing this interface are responsible for splitting text input into fragments. These fragments can later be rendered as html by the wiki renderer. More...
interface  IRenderer
interface  ITemplateRenderer
interface  IWiki
interface  IWikiTemplate
class  RenderingContext
class  Tabs
 Provides access to tab-related constants. Use these constants instead of strings for better compile-time checking.
class  Utility
class  ViewContext
class  WikiInitializer
class  WikiParser
 Turns a chunk of wiki formatted text into fragments that can be consumed by a wiki renderer. More...
class  WikiRenderer
 Turns a stream of wiki fragments into asp.net controls responsible for rendering the user interface. More...
class  WikiTemplateAttribute
 User controls marked with this attribute may be used as templates in wiki text. Unless the Name is set explicitly the class name is used for template lookup, e.g. {{LatestChanges}} -> LatestChanges.ascx.cs. More...
class  WikiTextAttribute