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Where to start

When using N2 CMS you have the choice of either using a templates-pack with outward facing features out of the box, or starting out closer to the core with framework and management features only.

Available downloads

Pick Developer Documentation if you want read...
  • ...tutorials
  • ...getting started guides
  • discussions
Pick MVC Templates Pack when you need...
  • ...a number of features in a box
  • ...full control over outputted HTML
  • use ASP.NET MVC2-3
Pick Dinamico Templates Pack when you crave...
  • ...HTML5
  • ...the template first! development methodology
  • ...advanced theming possibilities
  • ...MVC3 & Razor view technology
  • cut the edge
Pick WebForms Templates Pack if you are looking for...
  • ...a number of features in a box
  • ...a beaten path to follow
  • ...a number of ready-made themes to use
  • ...the WebForms view technology
Pick VB Example or C# Example or MVC Example if you want...
  • ...greater control over the solution
  • ...the minimal amount of code to get something working
  • ...example code in Visual Basic or C#
Pick Source Code if you're...
  • ...really really curious
  • ...after the whole source code
  • ...after building or fixing the source
  • ...want to create any of the above mentioned packages
Pick Framework and Management UI if you just want to upgrade the N2 CMS Framework and Management UI of an existing site to the latest version.

All of these packages are available from the download page. You can also install the dinamico templates onto an MVC3 site using nuget Install-Package N2CMS.Dinamico

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